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Arranging a Funeral

In order to make the funeral arrangements, we will need;

The full name of the person who has died;
Their full address;
Details of where and when they died;

Confirmation of whether the person who has died had a pacemaker fitted (pacemakers must be removed before the cremation). You may decide you would like to visit the person who has died in the chapel of rest. Some people find it helps, and others find it upsetting to see someone they loved now dead. We can talk this through with you.

The funeral service can include anything you feel appropriate. Below we’ve listed the main things people usually consider when arranging a funeral service, but you should choose what is appropriate for you and the person who has died.

Things to consider when arranging the funeral service.

Where will the service be held, on what day and at what time?
Who will lead the service?
What would you like to be said and who by?
Would you like music?
Would you like flowers?
Would you like an order of service?
Do you want an announcement in a newspaper?
What transport arrangements do you want?
Are there any special arrangements you would like us to make?

When you have decided, we will tell you all the costs and then make all the arrangements for you.